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By Omar Tunkara on tour with the president

Speaking to the people of Medina Serigne Mass on his nationwide tour, President Adama Barrow assured Gambians that he is not going to torture, detain or execute anybody as the days of threatening people with 6ft etc are gone according and that any decision regarding government is taken by cabinet not an individual.

Speaking on behalf of the Alkalo of the village, Mbaye Sarr revealed that ex president Jawara and his regime visited their village once, Jammeh and government also came to their village only once but Barrow in a year and half has visited them and their Khalifa spiritual leader which is a clear indication that Barrow is everyone’s President and that he is here for all. He concluded that Medina is a religious village but they also deserve respect like their colleagues coming from Senegal into the Gambia.

 Haddy bah who spoke on behalf of the women lamented on the poor road network leading to their village, lack of electricity and health delivery services as they have to travel all the way to essau to access a hospital.
 Amat BahMinister of Tourism and Culture said the crowd they have seen in Medina Serigne Mass was not expected as he even ask the organisers to review their decision but they have appreciated the people’s presence and how they were welcomed. Minister Bah said in 1978 he was teaching in Medina Serigne Mass and married a wife there in 1988 so they are his in-laws.

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