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By Omar Tunkara on tour with the president

In Lower Niumi, Karamo jammeh said after 50 years, they are beginning to taste development in the areas of electricity but still need water and roads. He lamented that there are 66 villages in lower niumi and most of them are remote areas and have not seen any progress. Karamo said the river is big and can be useful to the youths in terms of fishing and projects like ice plant to save our youths from illegal migration.
In the areas of health Karamo call on the government to improve the only major health center in Eassau.
Mukhtarr Jeng who was the next speaker also elaborated more on the difficulties they are facing with water shortage and health delivery services as sometimes the ferry doesn’t work when the waves are high.
Fabakary Nana Sonko the Chief of lower niumi highlighted the issue of youths development as they elders are now old and expect their children to take care of them now so government should help the youths in terms of employment, he said they have high expectations in Barrow’s Government.
Amat Sarr speaking on behalf of Karamo Jadama said farming should be treated as a priority in this country as it is the backbone of this nation but argued that so far they have been neglected.

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