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By Omar Tunkara on tour with the president
Lamin Jaiteh a native of Aljamdu said never before have a sitting president in the Gambia had a meeting in their village and called on government to help them with roads, hospitals and electricity.
Mr Jatta said after 52 years of independence President Adama Barrow’s one year in office is enough to celebrate as in the near future, they expect to have electricity and he opined that with good structures they can supply the whole country with vegetables.
The people that spoke all urged the president to prioritize farming and security as their police stations have mobility problems.
President Barrow said ex president jammeh was president, minister, governor and chief at the same time and Gambia after 22 years of dictatorship is 50 years behind in terms of development but his government is ready to revert those challenges, he affirmed.

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