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By Omar Tunkara on tour with the president
President Adama Barrow has revealed that his government has a permanent plan for the Banjul-Barra crossing point: “Discussions have reached advanced stage to construct a bridge over Banjul-Barra crossing that would last fifty years. The foundation stone will be laid in 2019 and works will take four years to complete’’

President Barrow and entourage  on Monday began a 10-day tour of the country that will see him hold over 44 meetings across the the country. He was seen off at the country’s naval base near the sea port in Banjul by cabinet ministers and the Mayor of Banjul, Rohey Lowe. On the North Bank, the delegation was received by Governor of the region, Ebrima Dampha, traditional leaders and community representatives.

The president was welcome in style as they held their first meeting in Essau lower niumi.
The people and farmers complained about bad roads leading to their farms and gardens and also the crossing point to the capital Banjul as sometimes it can be very slow in terms of emergency, although they are very happy for the promise fulfilled in the areas of electricity.
Minister of Agriculture Lamin Ndambu Dibba spoke on the challenges facing farmers and agriculture and the measures government are planning to revert them. He spoke on a variety of issues from roads, seeds, transportation and medical center’s.
Amat Bah minister of Tourism and culture said for many years they have been trying to be in power but after they all came together Allah choose President Adama Barrow. He said tribalism is not real in this country because you cannot marry a mandinka woman and be insulting mandinkas that is not real and that nobody owns this country.
President Adama Barrow in his speech said politics is now over what remains now is to deliver.
He said this tour should have been done long ago but by then some would have believe it to be politics instead and told the people of Nuimi that Banjul-Barra crossing for the mean time has a temporal solution and the permanent one is to build a bridge and  that discussion is on with partners to start the project in 2019 and that will be completed in four years.

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