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In fulfillment of section 222 (15) of the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia, His Excellency, President Adama Barrow will embark on a nationwide tour of the country to dialogue with the public on a variety of pertinent issues in the country.

The duration of the tour is ten days and will begin on Monday July 16th and end on Wednesday, June 25th 2018. During this period, the President will chair 44 general meetings and spot visits throughout the country. President Barrow will connect and engage firsthand with the members of the public on the government’s development blueprint – the National Development Plan, particularly the President’s priority areas. As the rains have begun, agricultural programmes geared towards food security, mechanized agriculture for local consumption and targeted exports will be discussed with farmers. It would allow the President to also listen to farmers and learn about issues impacting on crop production and animal husbandry. The President will use the opportunity to re-echo his call for social cohesion and unity in the pursuit of peace, security and socio-economic and political advancement of the country.

For the first part of the tour, the presidential delegation will hold meetings in North Bank Region and Central River Region-North, while the rest of week one will be spent in the Upper River Region. Over the weekend, the delegation will stop in parts of CRR South and Lower River Region. The final leg of the tour will take place in the Greater Banjul Area with a mega meeting in the City of Banjul. Please refer to the attachment for the full itinerary of the tour.

Itinerary for President’s Nationwide Tour 16th -25th July 2018

Monday 16th

July 2018

Lower Niumi 10:30-10:45am Barra Introduction

Of Officials

And traditional




  Lower Niumi 11:00-11:45am Essau General


 Essau Snr Sec School
  Upper Niumi 12:30-13:30pm Aljamdou General


  Lower Niumi 14:15-15:15pm Medina Serigne Mass General


School Grounds
  Jokadou 15:45-16:30pm Darasilami General Meeting School grounds
Tuesday 17th

July 2018

Lower Baddibu 11:00-12:00pm Kerewan General Meeting Small Field near Governor’s office
  Central Baddibu 12:30-13:30pm Njaba Kunda General Meeting School grounds
  Illiassa Constituency 14:00-15:00pm Noo Kunda General Meeting School grounds
    15:30-16:00pm Chamen Brief stop at Gambia-Songhai Initiative  
  Illiassa Constituency 16:30-18:30pm Farafenni General Meeting  
Wednesday 18th July 2018 Saba Sanjal constituency 10:30-11:15am Njain Sanjal General meeting School grounds
  Lower Saloum 11:45:12:45pm Kaur wharf Town General meeting School grounds
    13:15-14:15hr Nioro Tukulor General Meeting Bantaba
  Niani 14:45-15:45hr Kuntaur Fula Kunda General Meeting Bantaba
  Sami 16:15-17:15hr Jarumeh Koto General Meeting School Grounds
      Janjanbureh Night Stop  

19th July 2018

Jimara 11:00-12:00hr Bakadaji General Meeting School Grounds
    12:30-13:30hr Numuyel General Meeting School Grounds
  Basse 14:00-15:00hr Sabi General Meeting School Grounds
    16:00-17:30hr Basse General Meeting Mini Stadium
      Basse Night Stop  
Friday 20th July 2018 Kantora 10:00-11:00hr Fatoto General Meeting School Grounds
    11:30-12:30hr Suduwol General Meeting Bantaba
    13:00-14:30hr Garawol Friday prayers Main Mosque
  Tumana 15:00-15:45hr Pirai General Meeting Bantaba
    16:15-17:15hr Kundam General Meeting Bantaba 
      Basse Night Stop  
Saturday 21st July 2018 Sandu 11:00-12:00hr Diabugu General Meeting Bantaba
  Wuli East 13:00-14:00hr Foday Kunda General Meeting Bantaba
  Wuli West 16:00-17:15hr Nyakoi General Meeting Bantaba
      Basse Night Stop  
Sunday 22nd July 2018 Upper Fulladu West 11:00-12:00hr Bansang General Meeting Car Park
  Lower Fulladu East 13:30-14:30hr Brikama Ba General Meeting Bantaba
  Niamina East 15:00-15:45hr Jarreng General Meeting Bantaba
  Jarra East 16:30-17:15hr Bureng General Meeting Bantaba
  Jarra Central 17:35-18:20hr Jappineh General Meeting Bantaba
  Jarra West 18:45-19:45hr Soma General Meeting School Ground
      Mansakonko Night Stop  
Monday 23rd July 2018 Kiang East 10:00-11:00hr Kaiaf General Meeting School Ground
  Kiang Central 11:20-12:05hr Kwinella General Meeting Bantaba
  Kiang West 12:35-13:20hr Jiffarong General Meeting Bantaba
  Foni Kansala 13:50-14:50 Bwiam General Meeting Bantaba
  Foni Bintang 15:15-16:00hr Sibanor General Meeting Bantaba
  Kombo East 16:30-17:30hr Kafuta General Meeting Bantaba
      Return to base    
Tuesday 24th July 2018 Kombo East 10:00-11:00hr Faraba General Meeting School Ground
  Kombo Central   Brikama General Meeting Pray Ground
  Kombo South 11:30-12:30hr Busumbala General Meeting Bantaba
  Kombo North –Busumbala 13:00-14:00 Wellingara General Meeting Bantaba
Wednesday 25th July 2018 Kombo South 10:00-11:00hr Gunjur General Meeting Car Park
  Sanementeren 11:30-12:30hr Brufut General Meeting School Ground
  Kanifing Municipality 13:00-14:00hr Serrekunda General Meeting Buffer Zone
  Banjul City 16:00-17:00hr Banjul  General Meeting Arch 22


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