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On 13 February 2018, THE BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION OF THE GAMBIA (BAG) joins the world in celebrating World Radio Day, this is an opportunity to showcase how radio is important in the broadcasting field for promoting positive change in society and bring people and communities closer.

“This year’s theme is Radio and sports .The radio is a powerful means to transmit the interest of sport events. It is also a means to convey the values and usefulness of sport. Radio has abilities or skills that cannot match; it is the connecting medium between the broadcaster and the audience. Besides being able to listen to the radio at home, people can also listen at work, as they exercise, or as they drive in their cars.

World Radio Day was created in 2012 by UNESCO Member States and was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 as an International Day.

Today on World Radio Day, we wish to inform you all about the existence of THE BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION OF THE GAMBIA (BAG), BAG stakeholders, being authorized and operational private, community base and independent broadcasting organizations and having formed a body to promote members’ common interest.
BAG is to proactively support and promote the independence, legal and economic interests of its members through the provision of top quality research, advisory, consultancy ‚advocacy and commercial services in a changing business and regulatory environment.

On World Radio Day, let us come together to make radio an increasingly independent and diverse media. Let us join forces to celebrate the potential of sports radio in sustainable development at national and global level.

We welcome all broadcasting organizations on board the BAG SHIP.
Happy World Radio Day!!!!!!

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