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In letter written to the President of the Gambia Teachers Union dated 9th February 2018 by the Task Force Commitee (Teachers for Change) and signed by its Chairman Bubacarr Janko, the committee outline that the GTU President is not encoraging teachers to excersise their full rights and respnsiblities of citizenship as enshrined in Article 3.14 of the GTU Constitution thereby concluding that all what was put across during the meeting with GTU on 8th February to mitigate their plights as concern teachers are not tangible and they are still leaning on their previous position and demands.

Meanwhile reports reaching Star FM News Desk has it that the task force committee will be meeting the Ministry of Education on Saturday 10 February to discuss about the issues raise by teachers after a very fruitful discussion the committee got with S.I.S on Friday 9 February.

The full text of the letter can be read below

The President,
Gambia Teachers Union,


Dear Sir,
I write to indicate our robust stand in ensuring the sit down strike continue until teachers are dignified as per our demands.
After a long deliberation with your team on this issue yesterday, the 8th of February 2018, we have come to finalise that all what was put across during the meeting to mitigate our plights as concern teachers are not tangible and we are still leaning on our previous position.

Furthermore, we were not convinced any further during the meeting and this is because,
1) The relevant authorities that can solve a greater chunk of our demands were not present during the meeting.
2).GTU was engaged prior to the strike as a prudent step and verily it didnt yield to our satisfaction.

3. Finally, according to Article 3.14 of GTUs Constitution . It states that the GTU shall ” encourage teachers to excersise their full rights and responsibilities of citizenship”. We came to understand that you are not encouraging concerned teachers of this country as provided for in the above Article to engage in their rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

To sum up, the Task Force Commitee, Teachers For Change is indeed grateful having a meeting with you and your team on our matters.
Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
Bubacarr Janko,

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