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Carlo Ancelotti is the best coach in the world according to ex-Brazil boss Vanderlei Luxemburgo, whereas Pep Guardiola benefits from a carefully crafted image sustained on excellent marketing.

In line with many of the Catalans critics, the quality of his sides speak for themselves and how he fares at Manchester City may be what reveals how great Guardiola truly is.

“Pep Guardiola is better at marketing than coaching,” Luxemburgo said to Fox Sport. “He won a lot of titles at Barcelona, but so has Luis Enrique.”

Unable to replicate the success of Jupp Heynckes at Bayern, Luxemburgo believes this is proof that the coach’s abilities have been exaggerated.

Since taking over, Carlo Ancelotti, in turn, has stated he hopes to build upon the foundations and good work of his predecessor.

Author : Marca news paper

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